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Backpacking is essential to plan our outings correctly.

Before starting packing it is very important to know certain details about our route. For example, going to Chorrillo del salto is not the same type of route as going to Laguna de los Tres. Same goes for the weather. Snow or rain will impact what we need with us, versus a warm, bright sunny day. (more info: The weather in El Chaltén). Once we have our itinerary defined, we can start thinking about what we are going to take.

Let’s start with the basics: For a round trip trekking we will not have to pack heavy for, with a backpack of 20-25 liters is enough. It is not necessary to go out and buy top brands, we are in Argentina and we manage as we can!

On the other hand, we must think about the following: The more space I have, the more things I will want to put in. So, we are only going to carry the essentials. And logically: The more weight I carry, the less I will enjoy trekking.


The following checklist contains basic elements designed for 1 day trekking outings, each person should adapt this checklist according to their needs:

  • Food for the hike: cereal bars, dried fruits, cookies, etc. Additionally you can carry the mate kit for when you arrive at your destination (pay attention to the weight and volume inside the backpack). More info: Food for trekking and hiking.
  • Water: All trails have drinking water fountains. With a small bottle of 750cc or 1 liter we can refill water.
  • Windbreaker and some spare sweatshirt or fleece (the sweat of the march can play a trick on us). Similarly, depending on the weather, we may consider carrying some extra warm clothing (avoid cotton garments).
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat/buff and any other item that protects us from the sun’s rays.
  • Waste bags: To return with all our garbage. Applies also for fruit peels, used weed and everything that is not part of the ecosystem. None of us would like a person to come to our house and start throwing their garbage everywhere…
  • Plastic cover for the backpack: Newer backpacks usually come with a plastic cover that protects the backpack from rain. It is not necessary to buy it, we can carry an extra garbage bag and in case of rain, we put our stuff inside.
  • Mini first aid kit: The subject of first aid kit and medicines depends a lot on each person and perhaps needs a separate post explained by a specialist. But considering that the trekking is only 1 day, we can think of elastic bands (band-aids), some analgesic, kit for blisters on the feet (if necessary) and any other item that may be useful.
  • Trekking poles: Very useful both uphill and downhill. These poles can be rented in the village or, failing that, we can use a branch that we find on the ground.
  • Cell phone or camera: Those who like photography have a hard time when it comes to carrying lenses, tripods, etc. Consider the weight and volume factor.
  • Flashlight (with extra batteries): Indispensable if we plan to go to see a sunrise or if we think that the outing may extend a long time. Important: Check the sunrise and sunset time, continuously in both Poincenot and D’Agostini you see many people going down in the dark because they stayed up late and ran out of phone battery.

As mentioned above, each person should adapt the checklist according to the trail they are taking, the weather and also the season of the year. Take these data only as a reference.

In case you are planning outings longer than 1 day: What to pack in your backpack for long trekking or hiking trips?.